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SmokersCo the online weed shop in Dark Web

The Dark Web

-From SmokersCo we believe, outside Dark Web the majority of habitual cannabis consumers are forced to go to the streets in search of a few grams of cannabis in an unsafe way, being branded as criminals and, of course took risks to get poor quality cannabis at high prices and exposing to the police, when we all know that no harm is being done!
Thanks to technological advances in recent years, we have a secure network called Tor that allows us to be free in a totally anonymous and secure way as long as we are well informed
from where we access and how we access (How to access to TorBrowse)
We know that a lot of customers had been buying cannabis on websites through Tor for years and the truth is that we have never been able to achieve higher quality and safety than on these sites. We all know urban legends
of the dark web but we are going to deny them by the hand of our own exeprienca.

Buy Cannabis safe an totally anonymous

-Every time we have more markets and very safe stores where we will find everything we are looking for, you know … but in this post we will focus on cannabis and we want to share with you the
SmokersCo shop!

SmokersCo in Dark Web

-We could say that apparently SmokersCo could be a totally legal store but as you can imagine it has a small difference, we are dedicated to sale THC Weed and hashish only.
In general you will be able to find good quality in the Dark Weeb but we differ because of this plus of professionalism, apart from our tempting list of products, we have a magnificent and professional support team where they offer you support every day along with a secure, intuitive and very easy to use support platform!

Image of SmokersCo Cannabis shop in Tor Browser in Dark Web

Feel in traditional e-commerce

-You will not feel in the dark web when you access SmokersCO, it’s clean and interactive website works like all the e-commerce that we are used to using and the difference with other markets is that it never
we never closed our shop we just want to be a safe and regular place to order Cannabis
Upon entering you will find a security system, simply fill in the capcha and you will be able to access.

Image of SmokersCo Cannabis shop in Tor Browser in Dark Web

Cannabis Products in SmokersCo Dark Web Shop

-All our products are 100% organic grown in Spain as the best marijuana is grown in holland, respecting the growth of the plants the treatment of the buds and, of course respecting our planet, always seeking to improve. The list is very varied,
hybrid, indica and non-sativa. As we said before, we also have hash, and thanks to our proximity to Morocco we have high quality hash and always fresh.

Image of SmokersCo Cannabis shop in Tor Browser in Dark Web

Payment and shipping methods

-Here comes a lot of uncertainty from new users to Tor but do not worry, as we said, this site is very intuitive and, of course, the payment methods also have Bitcoin (BTC)
and also Monero (XMR) that with a few simple steps we will have our order made.
This is where customers had more problems with other sites, the shipping, in the case of SmokersCo, the packages always arrived intact, and of course we offer a fast shipping option with tracking
And if you do not mind waiting some more day, you also have cheap shipping. We have good stealth so these packages will be difficult detected by customs and for any problem our support team will help you anytime!

Image of Bitcoins and Monero than can be used in Dark Web


-As we said in the introduction, to access the dark web, we always recommend following some security tips, such as using a VPN at all times. If you are only going to access this store, you will not have any problem
All the data is automatically encrypted and to stay more calm we have the option to encrypt the support chat at all times!
The payment method is completely anonymous and there is no way to track it, thanks to cryptocurrencies we can buy our favorite strain completely anonymously!

SmokersCo sell Cannabis wholesale

-Spain has the most competitive prices in all of Europe together with a quality that does not envy anything to Holland, we are a strategic country to be able to buy large quantities and position you as a great reseller in Europe. If you are looking to order large quantities, SmokersCo has shipments for large quantities, they arrive quickly and at all times we will tell you where your package is.

Access Dark web Links

-Next we will leave you several links to enter the web, all are 100% valid, they have several for mere security, if one does not work, you can try another but as we already said, we never saw a fall
on this site so if you are a fan of Cannabis we encourage you to access and browse this website!

We have 4 different links because Tor Browse sometimes can be slow, so if first link isn’t working or it’s going too slow just try another one, all this list are official links: